PointView - The PointView Platform is Closing

The PointView event platform is closing-down.

The owners of PointView Inc. would like to thank all of the people that used PointView in its beta stage for:

We hope the service was valuable and served you well for the past six years (even-longer for those that used it in its earlier alpha stage).

The PointView portal will be shutting-down effective immediately.

While we have enjoyed providing this service to you, we didn't want to load it with advertising or cause it to be yet-another monthly fee to you, for you to enjoy its benefits—we wanted it to be as cost-free as possible and as non-intrusive as possible.

In view and respect of the latest regulations on data retention, opt-in, and data storage, we have decided to close the PointView beta instead-of investing time and money to try to meet all of the new compliance rules, which would require us to charge you for use of the PointView platform to cover the costs; something we don't want to do. 

Our thanks to all of you for using the PointView platform and for providing your feedback over the years, licensing the platform to host your events, and keeping it up-to-date by entering data for other events not hosted by PointView.

Look for exciting new things to come from the authors of the PointView platform soon.  At that time, we may redirect this domain to those new offerings and we hope we can once-again provide you a valuable service then.

Sincerest Regards from all of us,

The PointView Team


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